Order includes two sets of each of the following: Black headwrap, carrying case, and two gel packs. The MyMigraine Headwrap is a one piece, soft, comfortable head band designed to help relieve pain and pressure associated with headaches. The wrap features pockets capable of supporting hot or cold packs in which the pack conforms to the wearer’s head shape and maximizes pain relief.


The Dual Comfort design allows you to target both the forehead and base of skull simultaneously.

QTY 2 MyMigraine Headwrap Set -Black

  • Ice therapy:

    Place the gel packs in the freezer for at least 24 hrs before use. They slide easily into the sleeves of the headwrap.


    Heat therapy:

    Place room temperature gel packs in the microwave for 30 seconds. You may increase the time by 10 seconds if not hot enough. Pack will be hot when you remove from the microwave so be careful.


    NEVER place frozen or hot gel packs directly on the skin. They are meant to be inserted into the sleeves of the headwrap.


    Once gel packs are inserted and secured in the sleeves, slide the headwrap over your head and adjust where needed. If the sleeve side is placed on the skin side, you have 1 layer of material between your skin and the gel pack.

    If the sleeve side is placed away from the skin, you have a double layer of material between you and the product.

    This is to help regulate the temperature if it’s too hot or too cold.


    Cleaning Instructions:  Remove gel packs before washing.  Machine wash cold, tumble dry low heat.  Do not use chlorine bleach.  

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